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Friday, December 01, 2006

Weblog assignment♯5

This time I visited Center for Internet addiction's 'Internet Addiction Test(IAT)' and also I assessed my level of Internet addiction. In IAT, twenty questions messure your level of addiction. You can chose one check from 1 thorugh 5 each questions; 1 = Rarely, 2 = Occasionally, 3 = Frequently, 4 = Often, 5 = Always. After checking all questions, you can know your leve of addiction from 3 types like mild, moderate or severe and you can get some coments also. My score was 12...which level am I in? Anyway, you can check your Internet addiction level in this site!

We have to care about our behavior with internet because we can also be addictor. If we have less care about using internet, we will easily have problems of time and behavior. Internet has much entertainment and information which we like, and has their special world which is separated our real world. Therefore they never make us lose interest in their world and make us forget a time and jobs which are conected our real world. Actually people use these their characters to take rest from their real hard world. Although these are good characters for us with limite, we have to know their characters well and care about it and our using time and custom of internet. It is easy for us to go to easy and comfortable way too much.


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