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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Weblog assignment♯4

I Visted the site e-bay. e-bay is a auction site which people buy and sell anything. There are many kind of used things we can buy with low price compared with new one. For example, I can buy our CESL's textbook 'Academic Encounters' with about 23 dollers. I think new one is over 30 dollars. Is this cheap for you or not? You can find and buy anything that you want to have with cheaper price thorugh this auction site.(care; all things are used.)

In my opinion, I feel some negative points, even though this kind of auction site is good for us because we can buy something less than real price which we see in a store. One reason is that you can't see the real things until you finish all things. You get the article in your home after all your proxedures, so you can't actually check that is good or bad for you. Next is someone used that things before you use. Some checks or some traces or some smells? or something, you can feel sometimes. Therefore I suggest that you need to think about these risks before you buy something.


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