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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Writing assignment♯2

November 9 2006

Political cartoons are good or bad?

What do you think about political cartoons? Are these good things or bad things for you? I think these include both good and bad. One face is good, but the other face isn’t good. We should train ourselves to find out the truth with our own eyes because they have good and bad faces in their pictures.

First, I want to tell you about political cartoons’ goodness. These are pictures that lead us to see the political world with ease and comfort. The funny pictures attract us even if we aren’t interested in politics. Interesting illustrations make us think about government and the world’s events. Great funny teachers that are cartoons have strong skills which make us have interest in politics. And they also have sharp eyes, but it has a problem.

Second, we’ll think about political illustrations’ badness. These have sharp suggestions about something that was in the world. I know these writers have sharp minds but their expressions are always negative expressions. They always focus on the bad factors which politicians did. Sometimes I can see George W. Bush’s strange faces through the pictures. Their illustrations never praise something. These are usually in the negative side. I agree that their illustrator’s thoughts are sharp and almost right but we should hate negative criticism.

Therefore we briefly looked at the two faces of political cartoons. Knowing their character is important. If we don’t know the different type of characters, we’ll be easily influenced by cartoons’ suggestions that are negative. Be careful; these are always in negative criticism. You shouldn’t think about only the negative opinions that you see in the pictures. You should think about all factors that aren’t in cartoons. If we know this cartoons’ character, we can find that there are many good factors in other places. Open your mind and eyes with a wide sight.

In conclusion, we should train ourselves to identify the truth with our own eyes. We should not believe what just we saw in the cartoons because of their negative minds. We should extend our mind and think with wide view through the world. After that we can find the truth that isn’t just the author’s mind.


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