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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Weblog assignment #1

I visited the web site "today's best cartoons". This site is updated daily and all cartoons are written by top cartoonists! Cortoons which are in this site are so interesting that I couldn't stop cynicism. They have much political sarcasm, but it looks very funny. The pictures attract us, even if we don't want to know about details. Funny and cheerful pictures lead us through the political world.

This time I suggest that cartoonists should draw affirmative cartoons. I'm wondering about that why there are no Cartoons that praise something. Almost all cartoons have negative opinions like criticism. I think that it isn't good for our mind’s health! It makes our mind have more negative thinking. After ten years, we will have a good critical mind. I agree that cartoonists' suggestions are sharp and right. Therefore, I want them to try to express with affirmative form and to find good political factor. I hope that I can see the inovational and encouraging cartoons!!


Blogger Lisa said...

I think you are right. Political cartoons could be more affirmative and positive- less negative. I like that you included the cartoon in your post. Nice job!

9:51 AM  

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