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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Weblog assignment♯3

This time I visited "Symbolism of Color:Using color for meaning". This site's main topic is about color's meaning and symbol that color make in society. This site is almostly talking about different culture's different meanings of colors, especialy, in native Americans. But some others are about Asian color symbolism, Astrological color assosiations and color therapy and so on. If you want to know different meanig of colors compared with your country, you can just click!

In this site, I could find the article of Asian color symbolism but I couldn't agree some of them.
They wrote like this.↓(for Asia)

Red: Happiness, marriage, prosperity
Pink: Marriage
Yellow: Against evil, for the dead, geomantic blessings
Green: Eternity, family, harmony, health, peace, posterity
Blue: Self-cultivation, wealth
Purple: Wealth
White: Children, helpful people, marriage,mourning, peace, purity, travel
Gold: Strength, wealth
Gray: Helpful people, travel
Black: Career, evil influences, knowledge, mourning, penance, self-cultivation

Does Yellow means "Against evil" and "for the death" in our country? Does Green expresses "Eternity" and "family" in japan? I don't think so.  And also I think that Blue doesn't represents "wealth". White and Gray also have problems. I think some data are not correct or there are difference between Asian countries. Therefore, is this site's data trustworthy?


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