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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Weblog assignment♯2

I visited this web site "Napster". This site is music sounds site which supplies 2,000,000 songs. You can listen to every track up to 3 times for FREE. After the 3rd free play, you need to pay for songs. If you become Napster subscriber, you can download full-length songs. Even if you don't do that you can check latest CDs because they pick up new released CDs at intervals of one week, every Tuesday. Just you visit this site and you can check most fresh CDs.

This site have good idea for advertisment. But sometimes someone will misunderstnad this adevertisment. I think this is exaggeration for advertisement. Napster says "Napster.com is Free - Register to listen to full-length music now! Fill out the information below to listen to over 2 million tracks for free." But it 's just three times for FREE. Some information are lucked deliberately. It is dishonest and overdo, just I think.


Blogger Lisa said...

I think you are right. Many times advertisements are dishonest. They make you think there is a good deal, when really there isn't. Nice job!

6:56 AM  

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