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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Writing assignment♯1

Oct 26

What’s my favorite Media?

My favorite form of the Media is the Internet. I can get a lot of information that I need to get. I can pick up what I want to get easily. I’ll show you some reason that I chose the Internet.

The first reason is that I can get new information immediately and easily. When something happens in this world, Internet news and journalists write down on time. So I can easily get new fresh information with just one click.

The second reason is choice. This is the most different things compered to other mass media, especially TV. In Internet, I can choose and pick up the information that I want to see. I can cut out other news I don’t want to. For example, if I watch TV news and Radio, of course, I can get fresh news. But I’ll also get the information that I don’t expect. It means TV and Radio are passive. I just wait and listen. However, Internet is more positive. I can choose the information I take. I easily concentrate on what I want. If I don’t want some information, I don’t click those.

The third reason is Internet gives me relaxation also. I choose information, so when I want to take some kind of relaxation, I get some entertainment information. Only one click, I can change from news information to entertainment information and Web site.

For these reasons, I usually like to use internet. It gives me the things that I want, just what I want to, on time and easily. Every time, I can face to necessary things positively. So my favorite form of the media is Internet.


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